Full Cave Diving Training
Certification from TDI & NACD

Pre-requisites: Intro to Cave or equivalent, Advanced Nitrox (or take with course).

Max Students: 3

Course Duration: 4 Days (Apprentice & Full) or 2 days for each.

Dives Required: 8





Required Equipment: Double tanks, minimum of 142 cu ft of air. Dual tank manifold. 3 lights per diver, 1 gap reel and 1 safety reel per diver, 1 primary reel per team. Back plate with harness, and wings. 3 line arrows and 3 clothes pins per diver. 2 independent regulator systems with one 7ft hose. Depth gauge, bottom timer or computer. All other equipment required for Intro to Cave.

Course Content: The full cave diving course is designed to build on the information learned at the intro to cave diving level. At this level the student is introduce to more advance forms of cave diving. Topics discussed include the following: Full Cave limitation, review of intro to cave information, full cave equipment requirements, multiple dive teams with multiple reels, multiple dive teams with one primary reel procedures, recalculation dives, simple and complex traverse procedures, simple and complex circuits, jumping procedures, visual gaps and jumps, reverse jumping procedures, ambient awareness, decompression diving and procedures, stage diving (optional), stage decompression procedures, dissimilar tank turn around procedures, anti silting techniques, trim and equipment streamlining, line protocol and awareness, ambient awareness, complex dive planning and execution.


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